Wicked Wildlife Removal Has Your Solution to Summer Nuisance Animal Problems

Summertime is a prime time for nuisance wildlife to emerge. When the weather is nice and the precipitation is low, all sorts of animals come out of their winter dens to cause all sorts of trouble for property owners.

If you are dealing with an abundance of nuisance wildlife problems this season, let the licensed and insured specialists at Wicked Wildlife Removal implement workable solutions that are safe and affordable!

Michigan Wildlife Removal and Control 248-621-3673

Michigan Wildlife Removal and Control 248-621-3673

Protect Yourself and Your Home

Not only can nuisance wildlife present several health and safety dangers to both people and pets, they can also cause numerous kinds of interior and exterior destruction, which can cost homeowners a lot of money and time the longer they persist. These kinds of damages are known to increase very quickly, and in a very little amount of time. For this reason, it is critical to stop a wildlife infestation or issue as soon as possible; never wait to take action!

Wicked Wildlife Removal is at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with the safe and humane wild animal control solutions you can trust!

Why Trust Us

Our teams of licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife control specialists provide a wide range of non-lethal residential and commercial wildlife removal and control services for a large number of species native to Michigan. Animals like bats, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, snakes, moles, beavers, and many alike, stand no chance of hiding from our skilled professionals!

Not only do we hold the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment in the wildlife abatement industry, out team has more than a decade of experience. Furthermore, we use a meticulous and concentrated approach to accurately identify, locate, extract, and exclude any species of nuisance wildlife using a variety of non-lethal methods, including live traps, artificial hormones, state of the art luminosities, and automated static noise devices.

Safe and Humane Wildlife Removal

Wicked Wildlife Removal 248-621-3673

Wicked Wildlife Removal 248-621-3673

We have spent over 10 years cultivating and improving the best possible methods to effectively and affordably get rid of animal infestations from residential and commercial properties. From comprehensive inspections and animal removal, to professional exclusion, cleaning, restoration, post service checkups, and more, you can count on Wicked Wildlife Removal for safe and effective wildlife control in Michigan at a price you can afford. Call our office at 248-621-3673 to speak with a friendly company manager about your nuisance wildlife control options, anytime.

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