How to Safely Release an Animal That You Have Trapped

If you have nuisance wildlife problems that continue to destroy your landscaping season after season, you may be compelled to set some traps this spring. But before you do, be sure you know what you are doing, and how to do it safely. One of the most important pieces of knowledge you should have before using animal traps is what to do a live animal once it’s actually trapped. Continue reading to learn how to safely, and legally, release an animal that you have baited and trapped on your property.

Michigan Wildlife Removal and Control 248-621-3673
Michigan Wildlife Removal and Control 248-621-3673

REMEMBER: Animals are Scared of You

The first thing you need to realize is that wild animals are more afraid of you then you are of them, regardless of how menacing or aggressive they behave. As a result of this fear, animals are more likely to attack out of self-defense, putting you at risk of being bitten, scratched, or worse. For this reason, you need to know how to handle and release a trapped animal, properly; not only is it important to protect yourself, it is equally important to protect the animal as well. In fact, it is the law.

Here is what you need to know about releasing trapped wildlife:

❶ Check Local Laws

You need to check your local ordinances regarding wildlife release. There could be specific regulations and guidelines in your county for trapping, transporting, and releasing wild animals. These laws generally govern which animals are protected, how far you must release them, where you can release them, and so forth. Start with your county clerk’s office for this information. You can also check online using a popular search database.

❷ Remain Calm and Approach Slowly

Once an animal is inside your trap, be sure to remain calm and not get to excited or fearful. Never sneak up on the animal. Instead, approach slowly, but not in a straight line. You see, in the wild, predators approach head on, while unassuming animals simply pass by. So try to approach from an alternate angle as to not startle the animal and put them in defense mode. Also, try not make any sudden movements or loud noises, and do not scold the animal.

❸ Cover the Cage

You will need to find a dark towel or blanket to cover the cage with for transport. This will help keep the animal at ease during transportation. Be sure to not get your fingers close to the cage when placing the cover on top. Also be sure that the cover is large enough to provide complete privacy for the animal. If the cover is too small, the animal might be able to chew it or snatch it through the cage, and potentially endangered themselves.

❹ Let the Animal Go in a Designated Area

Once you arrive to the designated area for animal releasing, gently put the cage on the ground, keeping the cover in place at all times. Be sure the cage is on level ground, and the exit is facing a direction you are encouraging the animal to run, such as towards the woods or an open meadow. Once the cage is on the ground in the proper position, slowly remove the cover. Wait a couple of minutes so that the animal has a moment to gather themselves and acclimate to the new surroundings. Then, carefully open the trap door and move several feet away from the cage as the animal exits.

Special Note: If the animal does not exit the cage, walk back to your car and get inside. Once you are not in sight, it may feel more comfortable leaving. If it still does not exit, you may need to leave the cage there and cut your losses, or contact a local Michigan wildlife removal company for assistance.

Need Assistance With Wildlife Trapping and Releasing?

Call Wicked Wildlife Removal at 248-621-3673 for wild animal removal and control in Michigan. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife removal company that provides real workable solutions for nuisance wildlife problems. We serve more than 25 municipalities within the Southeast Michigan areas with non-lethal, residential and commercial wildlife removal and control services at the most competitive prices around. Call 248-621-3673 to request free estimates and information, today.

Michigan Wildlife Removal and Control 248-621-3673
Michigan Wildlife Removal and Control 248-621-3673
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