Got a Garter Snake Problem?

Summer is over, which means many species of wildlife will soon be searching for somewhere warm to spend the winter. A common nuisance wildlife problem among homeowners this time of year are garter snake infestations. Garter snakes are most identifiable by their slim bodies covered in long stripes. They come in a wide variety of colors, including red, gray, orange, yellow, green, and even turquoise.

Among the many factors that make garter snakes a nuisance, they like to nest in large colonies, which can cause a lot of problems for homeowners dealing with an infestation. If you have noticed a few Garter snakes around your property this summer, you would be wise to ensure your home is sufficiently animal-proofed before the winter is officially here.

Continue reading to learn more about garter snake problems, including safe and effective solutions that will save you loads of time and money!

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What’s the Problem With Garter Snakes?

There are a lot of reasons why Garter snakes are a nuisance. Foremost, Garter snakes are known to be the smelliest species of snake. They give off a foul and distinct odor that can potentially infiltrate living quarters of a home or property. And although Garter snakes lack fangs and are not venomous, they can bite and leave behind a painful wound that can become infected if not cleaned and cared for properly.

Furthermore, Garter snakes are generally solitary, but in the winter time they group together in large quantities to prevent heat loss and preserve body heat. This becomes a problem for homeowners this time of year because it is when they begin to look for warm shelter.

Garter snake infestations are known to occur under porches and decks, in storage sheds, under hot tub covers, piles of debris, dense vegetation, and in any other warm and private areas of a property. When you combine their large numbers and smell, a Garter snake infestation can drastically lower property value, indoor comfort, and more.

Solutions to a Garter Snake Problem

A few Garter snakes around the property can be excellent pest control; but too many can be a real issue. To put a stop to nuisance Garter snakes, you must make some environmental modifications to remove whatever it is that is attracting them. A licensed and insured Michigan wildlife removal and control company can help you create a workable plan to prevent nuisance snake infestations on your property.

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Wicked Wildlife Removal 248-621-3673

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