3 Ways to Keep Nuisance Rabbits Off Your Property

Rabbits and bunnies are cute, but they are not very polite when it comes to your lawns and gardens. Rabbits are known to be quite nuisance to homeowners in the Michigan areas, especially this time of year. If you are noticing increased rabbit activity around your yard, continue reading to learn how you can safely and humanely put a stop to their destruction.

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Here are 3 Safe and Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Rabbit Problem:

Environmental Modifications

The best way to stop rabbits from coming to your yard is to make changes to your property’s landscaping. There are a few ways to do this. If you have a garden, clean it up. Be sure to weed your garden and mow your lawn every week to keep grass, brush piles, and weeds low. If rabbits cannot hide, they will not risk trespassing onto your property.

If there is a void beneath your porch or patio, it is wise to block those off with chicken wire, mesh, or similar light-weight fencing material. On the subject of fencing, installing a fence around your property is an effective way to thwart interest in rabbits. Although they can dig a hole and come out on the other side, it is unlikely they will go to such lengths when there are other areas that are easier to access.

You can also install tree guards. These will help protect your tree from rabbit damages during the winter season since nuisance rabbits are known to feed on the tissue between the bark and the wood. The most common tree and shrub species targeted by rabbits include pear, apple, crabapple, roses, honey locust, redbud, flowering quince, barberry, serviceberry, raspberries, and burning bush or winged euonymus.

All-Natural Deterrents

Aside from making proper environmental modifications, you also have the option of using scent and taste deterrents. There are several smells and flavors that rabbits hate. These include strong herbs like menthol, peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus. They also dislike common household spices, like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and garlic. You can also plant garlic and marigolds in your garden; these two plants are known to discourage rabbits. Simply mix these ingredients with water and spray them around the perimeter of your lawn and gardens. These are safe and non-lethal to wildlife and plants, including the rabbits themselves!

Electronic Repellent Machines

For those who love technology, electronic repellent machines are a great option. There are two different kinds that tend to work well for rabbits. The first are a grouping of products that are motion-activated, and the others are simply radios. By keeping a radio on a talk station during peak rabbit activity times, they will think humans are around and steer clear of the area. After sometime, they will think the area is unsafe since it is populated by humans. Motion-activated products sometimes emit light, sound, or ultrasonic waves, all of which work well to deter nuisance wildlife.

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Wicked Wildlife Removal 248-621-3673

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