3 Effective Ways to Keep Opossums Out of Your Yard

Michigan Opossum Removal 248-621-3673
Michigan Opossum Removal 248-621-3673

But the worst part of having a nuisance opossum problem are the health and safety risks they pose to both people and pets. You see, opossums are categorized as rodents, very large rodents, which can also carry a long list of infectious diseases, some of which are not curable, like Rabies.

When it comes to nuisance wildlife, opossums are among the most frustrating for homeowners because they are one of the most destructive. Not only will they rummage through garbage and make a huge mess in your lawn, they will also dig up sod in search of grubs, pillage gardens for anything edible, and even cause structural damages to fencing, siding, porches, decks, and more.

So if you are spotting opossum on your property, whether more frequently than before or for the first time, it is vital that you intervene as soon as possible in order to stop them from making it a habit to visit night after night. Continue reading to learn the top 3 most recommended methods of doing just that.

❶ Environmental Modifications

Although it sounds like a long, fancy term, environmental modifications simply means making change to your premises in order to reduce its attractiveness to opossums. The great news about the environmental modification strategy is that it works against most nuisance wildlife, not just opossum! Animals like raccoon, skunks, squirrels, and rabbits will also stop coming by if your property is no longer of use to them.

Environmental modifications to make include removing all food and water sources, such as garbage bins, fallen fruit from trees, bird baths, pet bowls, pet food (even if it is in a secured container), squirrel feeders, and anything else they can eat. And remember, opossums are not picky; they will eat just about anything! You will also want to include some form of garden protection, such as chicken wire fencing, automated lights and sound machines, and even just leaving on a radio talk show overnight.

❷ Tree Service

Opossums like to climb, and they are good at it. They even make nests in trees! This means you want to remove anything that allows them easier access to your roof, chimney, siding, porch, deck, patio, and garage. If you have long, overhanging branches near these structures of your home, it is wise to have them trimmed back and pruned on a routine basis.

❸ Damage Restoration

Another widely-accepted and effective form of opossum control for homeowners is simply, security. This means repairing all of the exterior damages of your home to prevent nuisance wildlife intruders. Openings in fences, roof shingles, siding, soffits, vents, crumbling mortar, and more can be easy entry points for opossums. Having these vulnerable areas sealed up reduces the likelihood of dealing with an animal infestation.

Can’t Seem to Get Rid of Opossums?

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