Ypsilanti, Michigan

Wildlife Removal and Control
As a result of increasing amounts of land overdevelopment, and various other factors, more and more species of wildlife are being forced out of their natural environments every day. This unfortunate situation continues to motivate wild animals to seek out food and shelter near residential and commercial properties. Nuisance wildlife interference is a common problem because they can cause a significant amount of structural damage and devalue a property as a whole. Furthermore, their potential to transmit a variety of infectious diseases to both humans and pets is a highly dangerous threat as well. For these reasons, it is important to stop a nuisance wildlife issue before it gets out of hand. On the fortunate side, Wicked Wildlife Removal has the resources to successfully resolve nuisance animal conflicts with non-lethal wild animal extraction and exclusion at an affordable price. We serve more than 25 towns and districts in Southeast Michigan, including all of Ypsilanti and the surrounding Washtenaw County regions.

As a licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife removal company, our mission is to safely resolve nuisance animal conflicts while providing first-rate customer support. We provide non-lethal wildlife removal and control services for both residential and commercial properties, including wildlife extraction, animal proofing, wildlife cleanup and repair, 24 hour emergency service, dead animal removal, full property inspections, free estimates, and more. Not only do we handle an immediate problem, we also conduct site and structural inspections to identify current and future threats of wildlife intrusion. Our expertise comes from our 10 years of hands-on experience, as well as, our fervent commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the industry. We take every job very seriously, analyze each variable, and come up with the best solution for the situation at hand. Contact us at 734-259-2170 for additional information about our Ypsilanti wildlife removal services, anytime.
Which Wild Animal is Causing You Grief?
We work with all species of native wildlife here in Michigan!
*We Do Not Remove Waterfowl, Dogs, Cats, Nor Exotic Animals.