West Bloomfield, Michigan

Wildlife Removal and Control
Wild animals do not mean to be a nuisance, they are simply making the best out of a tough situation. Circumstances such as population shifts and land overdevelopment, have all placed a heavy burden on local wildlife populations, forcing them out of their natural habitats. For this reason, you cannot really blame wildlife for the issues and hazards they present to metropolitan and suburban areas. Instead, the responsibility lies in you as the property to take control of a nuisance wildlife problem before they can begin to cause all sorts of structural damage and safety hazards. In these situations, time is critical because wild animals can be carriers of several communicable diseases that are harmful to both people and pets. If you have wildlife getting a little too comfortable in or around your property, it is time for some professional intervention. Choose our experts at Wicked Wildlife Removal for safe and humane wild animal removal and control services at the most competitive prices in West Bloomfield, Michigan and the surrounding Oakland County area.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife specialists who have spent over 10 years cultivating and improving the best possible methods for residential and commercial wildlife removal, proofing, 24 hour emergency response, wildlife cleaning and repair, full property inspections, dead animal removal, post service checkups, free estimates, and various other client amenities. As a 100% animal friendly company, we only use non-lethal methods that adhere to all local, state, and federal laws that govern wild animals. By combining quality repairs with long term wildlife exclusion methods, our certified professionals save you time and money, all while keeping your investment and family safe from nuisance wildlife threats. Contact usat 248-621-3673 to request a free estimate from an experienced West Bloomfield wildlife removal technician, today. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for emergencies and more.
Which Wild Animal is Causing You Grief?
We work with all species of native wildlife here in Michigan!
*We Do Not Remove Waterfowl, Dogs, Cats, Nor Exotic Animals.