Port Huron, Michigan

Wildlife Removal and Control
Wild animals are very cute and entertaining to watch, but they are not our friends. They will intrude and overtake your property without blinking an eye. Structural damage and unsanitary conditions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nuisance wildlife threats. Many species of wildlife are also common carriers of several infectious diseases and transmittable pathogens. This jeopardizes the health and safety of both people and pets, and poses a more serious risk to young children, elderly, and individuals with suppressed immune systems. Fortunately, nuisance wildlife is not a problem you have to live with. Here at Wicked Wildlife Removal, we offer safe and effective wild animal removal and control solutions at the most competitive prices around. Our service area expands over 25 towns and districts in Southeast Michigan, including St. Clair County, in order to keep up with the heightened demand for dependable and affordable wildlife abatement.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife technicians work with all native species of wildlife local to Michigan and its surrounding localities. We provide 100% humane and non-lethal wildlife extraction and exclusion services, including animal removal, animal proofing, full property inspections, wildlife cleanup and restoration, 24 hour emergency response, dead animal removal, post service checkups, free estimates, free advice, and more. We have spent over 10 years cultivating and improving the best possible methods to effectively get rid of animal infestations from residential and commercial properties here in Novi, Michigan. By combining quality repairs with long term wildlife exclusion methods, our certified professionals save you time and money, all while keeping your investment and family safe. Contact us at 810-476-3397 to speak with a licensed Novi wildlife removal specialist about protecting your property from nuisance wildlife threats, today.

Which Wild Animal is Causing You Grief?
We work with all species of native wildlife here in Michigan!
  • Birds*
  • Moles
  • Groundhogs
  • Muskrats
  • Beavers
*We Do Not Remove Waterfowl, Dogs, Cats, Nor Exotic Animals.