Flint, Michigan

Wildlife Removal and Control
Within its own environment, wildlife is an integral part of our ecosystem. Conversely, when wildlife finds their way into our homes and buildings, it can pose a long list of serious health situations and costly structural damage. Circumstances such as population shifts and land overdevelopment, have all placed a heavy burden on local wildlife populations. These factors and more have accelerated the demand for humane wildlife abatement, leaving private and public real estate owners looking for professional service they can afford. In response to these nuisance wildlife control needs, Wicked Wildlife Removal has remained dedicated to providing non-lethal and effective wildlife removal and control services in over 25 districts throughout Southeast Michigan, including Genesee County. If you are currently dealing with nuisance wild animal problems, we have the workable and affordable solutions you can trust.

Here at Wicked Wildlife Removal, we provide full-service wildlife extraction and exclusion for both public and private properties in Flint, Michigan and its neighboring districts. Our services include wildlife removal, wildlife proofing, preventative maintenance, wildlife cleanup and repair, 24 hour emergency response, dead animal removal, integrated pest management, full property inspections, post service checkups, free estimates, and more. As a licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife removal company, our mission is to safely resolve nuisance animal conflicts while providing first-class customer support. Furthermore, we adhere to the industry accepted standards and best practices, as well as, operate within all local, state, and federal wildlife laws. By combining quality repairs with long term wildlife exclusion methods, our certified professionals save you time and money, all while keeping your investment and family safe from nuisance wildlife threats. Contact us today at 810-476-3397 to learn how you can get started.
Which Wild Animal is Causing You Grief?
We work with all species of native wildlife here in Michigan!
*We Do Not Remove Waterfowl, Dogs, Cats, Nor Exotic Animals.