Canton, Michigan

Wildlife Removal and Control
Wild animals are a serious problem for many residential and commercial properties throughout Michigan. From raccoons and bats, to birds, squirrels, and more, wildlife can really feel like a threat when they begin to interfere with our safety and well-being. They can cause a long list of structural damages to interior and exterior areas of a property, as well as, pose several health and safety risks as common carriers of infectious diseases and germs. Fortunately, nuisance wild animals don’t have to remain a problem so long as the proper intervention is made. Here at Wicked Wildlife Removal, we know better than most that no two nuisance wildlife situations are alike, which is why we offer customized wildlife removal and control solutions for residential and commercial property owners who need to get rid of and remediate a nuisance wildlife infestation.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife removal specialists work with all native species. We offer a wide range of 100% animal friendly and humane services to get rid of nuisance wildlife and prevent them from becoming a threat in the future. We serve the entire Wayne County and Canton areas with non-lethal wildlife extraction and exclusion services, including 24 hour emergency responses, dead animal removal, wildlife cleanup and repair, full property inspections, post service checkups, abandoned animal rescue, free estimates, and more. As a team of professionals with more than a decade of hands-on experience, you can trust that we know exactly how to locate, extract, exclude, and clean a nuisance wildlife problem within a time frame that’s convenient for you. Contact us at 734-259-2170 to learn your options for Canton wildlife removal services, today.
Which Wild Animal is Causing You Grief?
We work with all species of native wildlife here in Michigan!
*We Do Not Remove Waterfowl, Dogs, Cats, Nor Exotic Animals.